Thursday, 2 June 2016

Explaining Home Builders to a 5 Year Old

So Ben has officially entered that period of development where boys are entirely obsessed with builders. In retrospect, the Bob the Builder may have been the starting point, but it's the last few days that have really driven the point Austin new homes.

Our neighbors across the street are having some work done on their porch, which means that home builders have been present to ensure nothing load bearing gets taken down. And Ben has sat in front of the window every time they've returned, looking at them with the sort of reverence that most people reserve for religious events.

He's also taken to asking me to tell him builder stories. I only have the one, and I must have repeated more than 10 times the anecdote about the hard working contractors that built our sun room. Ben makes clear that he wants every detail, from the nature of their lunches to every tool they used to get the job done. He always insists that I praise them more, despite the fact that I have only good things to say.

Maybe I'll take Ben across the street to meet the builders next week; I've been considering it all along, but I'm afraid that he'll faint right away from the awe.

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